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We are a small and friendly group of Rueda enthusiasts, who come together most weeks to practice, socialise and Cambridge Rueda logoto share new moves and variations. We laugh a lot, and have a lot of fun. We generally have between 12 and 16 regulars, sometimes less, sometimes more, but draw on a much larger pool of less regular members.

We love to welcome new members and visitors, who in this University city come from far and wide, and from many different countries. If you fancy learning Rueda de Casino, or just having a go, please come along and join us one Thursday.

We currently meet every Thursday between 7.00 and 9.00 pm, at St Phillips School, 2 Vinery Way, Cambridge, CB1 3DR, a short distance from the city centre with good parking. We sometimes take a break during the Easter and Summer holidays.

The group is organised by Helen Andrews (contact: and Rhona Watson, members of the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Dance Teachers.

The charge for an evening is only £ 5, which includes some nibbles to keep you going, and pays for the hire of the venue.  New members and visitors pay nothing for their first visit.


The Cambridge Rueda group was created around 2002 by Pete Cooper, practicing moves in his front room with a few friends which they had picked up from congresses and from ‘Salsa Lovers’ videos. Once they began to practice their Rueda at weekly salsa dances word soon spread. The move from a front room gathering to a Rueda group began with the idea of hiring a hall and teaching a class to attract a bigger group of people. This proved very successful and very soon the Cambridge Rueda group was underway in a central Cambridge location.

Over the next couple of years, apart from Rhona Watson, each of the original group gradually stopped teaching and Helen Andrews took over as leader of the group with Rhona. Styling was initially Miami influenced  from the videos but gradually moved over to a more Cuban style, reinforced in 2005 when Helen travelled to her first SalsaNor Rueda congress and adopted moves from the largely Cuban ‘Norwegian Rueda Standard’.  Although the NRS provides our core set of moves, we have a wide repertoire, and like to try out new things.